When is a phone not just a phone?

When it is a Droid. With a very cool accessory, you can turn your Droid into a multimedia experience. When you drop your Droid into a Droid docking station, you are instantly able to display photos and movies, play music, display the local weather and time, and use it to wake you up in the morning as an alarm clock.

And to top it all off, when your Droid phone is docked, the Droid docking station also doubles as a charger. What is great about this is that there is no need to plug and unplug your Droid phone to charge it every day. Simply placing it in the docking station starts the charging process and when you are ready to go in the morning, your Droid will be ready to go when you are.

Through the Droid docking station, you can also sync your media and perform high speed data tranfer to your PC through the included USB cable.

The Droid docking station comes in a variety of models depending on your Droid phone. Choosing the wrong one will not allow your phone to seat properly. Droid, Droid 2 and Droid X all have their own proprietary Droid docking stations. Avoid disappointment and be sure to get the correct docking station for your phone. Here are links to the docking stations for specific models:

Motorola Droid Docking Station
Motorola Droid 2 Docking Station
Motorola Multimedia Station for Motorola Droid X

The Droid docking station is sturdy and built to last. The base is skid-proof to ensure it stays put on your night stand or table.

A few minor drawbacks to the docking station include having to remove any protective cases before using the station and the lack of an audio out. While they have been noted as small inconveniences, most users agree that they are just that: small inconveniences. Overall, the Droid docking station has receive favorable reviews and people are very happy with their purchase.